Doing Readings

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In my life and in movies I have seen a LOT of fake fortune tellers.

Generally the advice for current day is to avoid fortune tellers because genuine psychics as they are so known do not usually charge money for readings generally speaking.

There are of course exceptions, but be careful especially if they charge money.

I will in this article give the correct way to do readings for those who wish to help others with giving readings or who wish to do readings themselves.

This will simply be some suggestions on how to give readings on things.

Its important to appreciate that without spiritual practices such as meditation/prayer/service to others its easy to let the mind wander and give you babble.

Therefore, one common way people do readings is through tarrot cards or oracle cards.

I will just say here that you should be careful with using tarrot cards and you choose a deck that doesn’t contain any such black magic association such as cards with the grim reaper etc.

Tarrot cards can be bought cheap online as with oracle cards.

I suggest that you only engage in the card readings weekly/monthly, maybe every weekend or so as you can get overly attached to them and they are not to be played around with at all.

Also my advice is to not look at the book telling you what the cards actually mean, just kind of go with the energies and the picture of the card.

Maybe draw 9 cards in total if you wish and the cards tell you story about your life and seek to unravel that story told by the cards.

Another way you can do readings is by doing art on in art book or a peice of paper and doing some kind of abstract peice that has no real meaning at all.

Just do art however way you feel like it or what you believe looks good in the art.

You can if you wish add the cards to the art reading, or they can be done as seperate readings.

Then what you can do is put a cup of some kind with the art reading and move the cup where you feel it should go on the art.

Then consider why you put the cup at that particular location on the art and explain why you made that art on that particular area of the art.

You can if you wish to add some extra effect add something under the cup such as crystals/dice/something valuable to the person.

For me I like dice, the values on the dice in relation to the art peiece reveal to me certain things, you can use up to 5 6 sided dice or even dungeons and dragons dice to aid in this and this is just a simple suggestion.

Of course these are just 2 suggestions to do accurate readings and everyone can do readings in their own ways.

Please do share this information online and please do practice doing these readings yourself and see if they work for you.

But please be careful in which deck of tarrot cards you use, there is generally an association with a certain black magician who came up with the idea of tarrot cards, but if used correctly they can be useful in helping you and others.