Found at Sea

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Found at SEa

This short poem is just a follow up from lost at sea made 19/01/22. I guess the fact that I recognized that there was a problem was really significant in bringing me to the light so to speak.

I guess the thing that really did it was prayer. Prayer is what really brought me to the light, so if you feel lost as I did, then please do take to prayer because it will help you alot, feel free to give my article on prayer a read which gives you the technique that I generally use Prayer

Found at Sea

I return from being lost at sea for oh so long.

I look back and realize that my own ignorance, arrogance, and reluctance was preventing me from seeing the light of the lighthouse that was always there.

It is now that I look back in sorrow at all the suffering that I put myself through in rowing endlessly attempting to find land.

It’s a sobering thought to think that the reason I caused myself so much suffering to myself is because I was so deluded that I thought that suffering was the answer to solve all my problems. It was not.