Doing Things You Believe In

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title: “Doing Things You Believe In” date: 2022-07-29 classes: wide categories:

  • Spiritual

In this short piece I wanted to talk about why it’s important to do things which you believe in.

When you don’t do things, you actually believe in you lose yourself and lose who you really are as a person and just blindly follow others reasoning and this comes with its own ramifications.

Thinking that others always know better than me is a flaw which I have learned and grown from as an individual and is still somewhat a flaw.

Essentially what I mean when you don’t do things you believe in, and you lose yourself is that you just become a person so untrue to yourself and just allowing others to walk all over you in terms of impressing upon you their believes is just hurting yourself in terms of losing who you are and what you really stand for as an individual.

Therefore, the solution is to always be true to yourself even if it goes against absolutely everyone except yourself, because staying true to yourself is what it’s about and upholding your own values and beliefs is also very important.

Essentially, I learned that I can’t always follow others rational and go along with it for the sake of going along with it, because I do have control over if I go along with their reasoning and if I don’t. But I just want to be true to myself and all I encompass and that starts by recognising my own shortcomings.

I’m learning or putting in efforts to cultivate the positive traits about myself and put efforts to negate or lessen the bad traits about myself. But I respect someone based on the difficulties and struggles that they have endured in life, because to just have everything given to you, takes away from the value of it.

But I realise that nobody else need believe in me, but myself, that’s not to say that I I’m advocating people shouldn’t believe in me, but simply making the point clear that nobody need believe in me - for me to believe in myself.

Therefore, I advise that you who read this do things you believe in, even if nobody else will, but hold true to yourself and your own values and beliefs, because if you don’t do it for yourself, then nobody else will… or put another way nobody can believe yourself, but yourself.