Devotion to God

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I used this image as a representation of God, but I am sorry if I offend anyone here, but God is not a man - he is a force and his power is granted through sincere meditation, prayer and service to him.

In this short article I will write why it’s so important for people who are on the spiritual path or choose to be on the spiritual path to put more efforts into devoting themselves to God.

Devotion to God can come in the form of sincere Meditation, Prayer, and Service to him and these are key things in making progress towards God. You can refer to my articles on these topics and I will soon write an article on why it’s important to give your service to God and no the gifts of the spirit do not come in a matter of meditating for a few weeks, they take years to be able to be granted by God and doing so for egotistical and doubtful ends will cause God to not grant them simple as, so those of you who do read my blog just know that you are wasting your time in mediating for these egotistical and doubtful end.

In essence the key things which are important in making progress in spirituality is devoting yourself to God and this comes in the form of Meditation, Prayer, and Service to him (through sincerely helping others) and following the wise words of the ten commandments and meditating on them and putting efforts into understanding their meanings through contemplation, experience, journaling, and meditation.

But its just not these things, because you can still perform these things and not have it in your heart devotion towards God, because in Buddhism the last hindrance is doubt and this is only dealt with in time, and I am yet to actually deal with this hindrance and it I am told only comes with time.

Sincere devotion to God in my eyes is what really matters a lot in meditating, prayer and service to him and it goes against one of the ten commandments of thou shall not serve any other God before me because in not being devoted to your one true God, who I might add is an all loving God, then you are simply fooling yourself and hurting yourself and others in doing so and simply trying to meet your own doubtful ends and taking things into your own hands when in fact it is God who has absolute control over every single thing which happens in the world.

God is not impressed when he sees people trying to steal from other people’s lives, with things like jealousy, lust, greed, hate, anger and he is not impressed with people promoting things on social media such as hate, violence, negativity, division etc. God is impressed with sincerity of purpose, people who help one another, people who put efforts into progressing towards him through things like meditation, prayer, and service to others because God is all loving to each and every one of us as individuals and God’s love for each and every one of us is unconditional even the most abject sinners in the world.

God also allows his subjects to make their own mistakes in life and allows them to embark on their spiritual journey at their own pace and in their own time. I as this blog indicates shows that I am only human and what I am capable of all of mankind is capable of. I do however recommend that those on the spiritual path start their own blog as I have done and share to the world their personal experiences in growing spiritually and take to things such as forums to share those experiences and disucss them with one another. But just be warned that we all have our own journey ahead of us and we all walk the path alone.

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