Controlling Others

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In this article I will talk about controlling others and this is something I see a lot of people get away with and people often have their own foolish justifications for this kind of behaviour where they are so controlling of other people. But generally, when we meet such people, we should aim to be forgiving of them for they no not what they do to others and themselves.

Firstly, controlling others comes under the jurisdiction of evil weather the people that try to control others realize this or not. This is because to make someone conform to your beliefs or ways of thinking hinders the freedom of others and so it restricts things like soul growth and progress towards God and progress in spirituality.

Secondly, control over others bring about people’s suffering because you can’t control the actions of others truly because we all have free will. Granted the people that seek to control others think they are doing a good thing and getting away with what they do and seek to hide what they do when they control others because these kinds of people just want order, but in trying to control others and their ideas and beliefs and actions they just get disorder because the person being controlled doesn’t agree with these things because they don’t agree with it in their heart and so in subtle ways so things which undermine that control and I don’t think that people that try to control others through fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, envy etc realize that we all have free will weather they like it or not. Its also about how people have very subtle ways of seeking to control others which they themselves are not actually aware of – hence why it’s so important to be forgiving of these kinds of people, but generally these kinds of people will seek control over others because of how they falsely believe that others are the cause of their own suffering – when in fact this is not true.

Thirdly, it should be under the authority to those who are controlled or think they are being controlled unjustly to pray for those that seek to control them and make them conform to their own delusions, beliefs, ideas and make them take actions in things out of conformity because it is evil to seek to control others in this fashion. Also, you should assess why it is you conform to their control and perhaps take up journaling and write about why it is you think you conform to others control, is it out of compliance etc? Feel Free to read my article on this Here But those who do this shouldn’t be frowned upon and should be shown love, sympathy, compassion, understanding etc. Feel free to refer to my article on prayer. It also the duty of those who think they are being controlled to not allow themselves to be controlled because to allow yourself to be controlled by others in a way detrimental to you goes against thou shall not kill and thou shall not lie because you kill who you are and you lie about who you are to yourself.

Also if you feel you are controlling others and suffer from this form of evil seek to take up prayer and pray to God or whoever you believe in and pray that you reduce this evil and this form of control that you seek to bring about in the world because it will reduce your own suffering immensely and make you much happier when you just let go of things and let go of your attachment to control others. Also I feel that meditation helps considerably in not being controlled by others because you just go deeper within and notice things alot more that are holding you back in terms of your own growth. I linked my article on this Here

In conclusion, it’s in everyone’s best interests to avoid trying to control others because it will only bring about your own suffering because as I said we all have free will weather those with I’ll intent realize this or not. If you think you are being controlled by others seek to pray for them and you can find my article on prayer Here and those who think they are controlling others seek to pray that you reduce your evil ways because it will only bring about your own suffering trying to control others when you realize that things like fear, anger, jealousy, gluttony will only control people so much and people will disagree with you at times and so you can’t always get your way of control weather you like it or not and so will inevitably suffer from attempting to control others. Of course, we shouldn’t judge those who do seek to control others because they are lost in their ways of trying to control others when they are not able to because of free will, granted they may get some weak form of control, but they can never control others fully and so will inevitably cause them suffering and its up to those who seek to control others to change for their own benefit. Nobody can take that leap of faith so to speak for them, they have to do it themselves but praying for them will almost certainly help them to change for their own benefit and the world’s benefit. Feel free to give my article on Being Authentic and True to yourself Here which may help you if you think you are being controlled by others in ways detrimental to you.

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