Remove ads from your life

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In this short post I will lay out some things you can do to remove ads from your life. This post is in no way definitive and only a few ways will be explored. I am very much against ads hence why I’m making this post.

Install an ad-blocker in your browser

This one is key because most ads nowadays are served on the web. Google Chrome and Firefox allow you to install ad blockers the one I recommend is Ublock-Origin by Raymond Hill which is free and open source meaning that you can read the source code yourself and change it if you doso desire

Chrome link

Firefox link

This will remove the vast majority of the ads you see on the web including ads on youtube videos

Use 3rd party apps on your phone

You can consider downloading the alternative youtube app on android called newpipe which can be downloaded from here

If you use Reddit you can also use the app ‘slide’ available on the f-droid app store which will remove all the ads

Pause/mute tv when ads are playing

This one is common sense if you have tevo pause the tv until the ads finish if you don’t have tevo mute the tv